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The Valiard Mansion Publishing Deal

Hi, guys! Today I have some very exciting news! The Valiard Mansion is going to be a legit, published book! Like, honest to goodness on bookstore shelves! This has been in the works for a few months already — since right after I finished the manuscript, actually — so I apologise for keeping everyone in the dark for a bit. I don't much like sneaking around or keeping secrets, but do I make an exception for happy surprises. Setting out on this writing journey, I decided early on to create a checklist for an ideal publisher. Anything less would be shown the door, if it ever came to it. If you're clued in on traditional publishing, you would know this checklist to be stupidly ambitious and unrealistic, but that's just how much I valued a freely distributed Valiard's potential to allow me to connect with readers. I wasn't prepared to accept anything that would impede that. The publisher had to: 1. Allow me to do the illustrations myself 2. Let Valiard keep its existing logo as part of its established brand 3. Vote in to keep at least a few chapters for free online Trust me when I say this was an impossible checklist. But sometimes, the impossible turns out to only be highly improbable.


Golden Bell Entertainment, now Valiard's official publisher, is allowing the above and much, much more. They understand that the very basis ofValiard, and my online presence, lies in constant communication with readers and free distribution of content and information. They have a fresh perspective on online marketing that aligns with my own in a lot of ways. I'm very excited to work with them and to learn from them. I've also signed a merchandising deal with Golden Bell, so there will be all sorts of Valiard goodies to grab in the future. I'm talking the usual like mugs, t-shirts, and phone cases, sure — but also fun stuff like figurines, coloring books, stationery, and plushies. I'll be involved all the way, creating artwork and designs for the merchandise, so you can have the true Valiard experience no matter how you choose to indulge in it.


Pre-orders will open in August, 2016. Publication and release will take place in time for Christmas, 2016. If you would like to see detailed progress updates on this as well as some behind-the-scenes insights, kindly navigate to the Official Valiard Website and Subscribe to the Newsletter. Otherwise you can catch quick updates at all the usual places.


From here on out, only the first two chapters of Valiard will remain online for free, and I'll have to be secretive about official artwork that will be in the final printed novel. But other than that, I'll keep going as I have been, posting lots of pics, sharing fun updates, and just being my good ol' own self online. You won't even notice the change. In fact, with Golden Bell staff sharing the load,Valiard updates will be far more frequent on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr — platforms which I often have neglected in the past in favour of deviantART.


If things run smoothly for the release of The Valiard Mansion, its follow-up novel, The Valiard Mansion: Destiny & Fate, will also be published with Golden Bell. How much you will see of D&F, and when you will be able to see it, is uncertain for now. The tight timeline for getting the first book released will encroach on my development and writing time for the second book, and it will very likely not be published online as freely as the first book was. But trust that no matter what happens, I will finish writing D&F, and I will do everything in my power to make sure you guys get to read it. I will not allow the Valiard story to lie incomplete in your minds. Just thinking of it makes me want to go crazy.


So, yes! Exciting times ahead, but a lot of hard work from both me and Golden Bell before we get there. First priority is getting The Valiard Mansion edited and illustrated. I promise each of my readers that I will give this my all so that you can hold my very best effort in your hands if you decide to purchase a copy. It's honestly the least I could do to thank you guys.


Have a favourite scene in Valiard that you feel must absolutely be illustrated in the novel? Please mention it! We're still deciding which scenes to illustrate and we need help! Want to rate or write a review of Valiard? A kind soul had submitted it to some time ago and it'd be amazing if you could rate the novel or even write a review! CLICK HERE to navigate to Valiard on Goodreads! Is there an item of Valiard merchandise you'd love to own? Literally anything you could think of, please let us know. We're still bouncing ideas around on our side, but in the end you are the one we're making this merchandise for! We want to make things you want to own!

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