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Golden Bell is proud to reach an audience of all ages. We here believe that through birth, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood there should be a story for everyone. The seeds for our creative endeavors are planted early on in our lives and we feel that having a division centered around creating Children's Books that parents and their children can enjoy is a must! From Fantasy to Family, these are truly unforgettable stories!

Have a story you would like to submit to Polar Press to review? Read our submissions guidelines by clicking HERE and we'll get back to you soon!

The Valiard Mansion™
By Ezelle Van Der Heever
Animation Directed By:
Marc Goldner & Rachel Korsen
The restoration of the derelict Valiard Mansion throws childhood sweethearts Ruth and Theodore back into each others' lives after eight years apart. Can they reconcile their differences when their worlds are so very changed by the societal gap which divides them?
And when emotions run high, the spirits of The Valiard Mansion stir.
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The Works of Erik Craddock
Corporately Mandated Space Adventure

Take control of a nameless corporate cog that’s spinning wildly inside of the universe’s largest (and only remaining) corporate entity, the Joshua Corp Intergalactic Business Agenda! Hurtle through the cosmos onboard your company-appointed Star Explorer, as you battle the rising tide of quarterly expectations, upper management demands, weekday benchmarks, and monthly earnings reports, all while maintaining constant and consistent customer satisfaction!

Prepare to accrue debt, take death-defying showers, eat bacterial waste, and even be marooned on a strange and desolate alien world for the sake of compound interest rates! The thrills never end when the adventure’s this grand, in what Planet OGLE-TR-56b’s The Otherworldly Times calls, “A depressingly accurate portrayal of most jobs these days!” You’ll absolutely agree, especially since you’re contractually-obligated to comply and concur! So put on a smile and get ready to work, because your Corporately Mandated Space Adventure awaits!

Ultra School

Hidden beneath an artificial sky, and seated within the coldest region of the world is a secret utopian city-school society that the world will never know. That is until Brian Petty, a fourteen-year-old nobody of average intelligence gets a perfect score on an impossible test, and does so in record time.


Stolen away in the dead of night, and hailed as a Super Genius by the faculty and staff, Brian is now faced with a dangerous decision: assimilation or elimination. For if it is discovered that he is anything other than the smartest student alive, not only will he be expelled from the school grounds, but he'll also have his memory permanently erased.


Enter now a world filled technological wonder, terrible peril, budding romance, and epic adventure. A classic story told in a future time, about a world that could be but has yet to become, with just an ordinary student and his extraordinary friends battling insurmountable odds and certain calamity. Adventure is the story, and Ultra School is its appellation.


In a world beneath our own, set during the height of the Gold Rush, three hitchiking insect friends, a bee, a ladybug and a caterpillar travel cross country on a journey seeking fame, fortune and family. 


Come check out our first Buggy Adventure debuting in The Sunday Comics!


Stay tuned for more updates of the aniamted series, comic book, and board game of Insectales Created by: Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen, and Robert Gross


All Rights Reserved © 2015 Golden Bell™


The Sunday Comics
By Various Contributors



The Sunday Comics have been a staple of every generation's Sunday morning. We've decided to put a new twist on that memory. By fusing serialized comic books, mixing in comic strips, and blending illustrations, we are revitalizing what newspaper comics are and can be! Whether it was sharing the paper at breakfast with family, meeting up with friends to enjoy your favorite stories, or looking forward to your weekly dose of comics, everyone has a special place in their heart for this entire print medium.


 You can get your FIRST issue today right on our site's store, come check it out!

The Love of a Bingle Lancer™

The Love of a Bingle Lancer is a Children's Poetry Book Written by Paul Gullen with Art by Rachel Korsen where Love conquers all for Prince Bandini: many a King is good at sitting and forbidding, and many a Prince is good at prancing and romancing, but when it comes to Spanish Fancy Dancing, There's no one like Hoochie Coochie Smoocherini. This is a story that will touch the hearts of dancers, lancers, and romancers! Stay tuned for a February 16 launch date to order your copy of the book!


Written by Paul Gullen

Art by Rachel Korsen

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It's an Extra Spooky Heebie-Jeebie Creepy Halloween™
By Keith Brown and Rachel Korsen
It’s an Extra Spooky, Heebie-Jeebie Creepy Halloween! For all lovers of fun Halloween stories, this children's book follows a brave pirate trick 'r' treating from door-to-door. When he realizes that the monsters around him are simply the result of his mind playing tricks, our pirate goes home happy with a full bag of treats. With both e-book and new second edition in print available, don't miss this exciting tale that serves as a perfect introduction to a cherished holiday.

Jason and the Crawdad King
By Joseph Drumheller and Lili Avakem
Jason and the Crawdad King is a magical adventure unveiling the wonder of creativity.  JASON, the young explorer, adventures down a river of wonder in his beautiful wooden boat.  While floating along, he saves a frightened CRAWDAD tangled in a fisherman’s line.  Surprisingly, the crawdad turns out to be an enchanted KING.  In return for his kindness, the king gives Jason a magical reward, by opening the doors to his exceptional imagination—a gift he will treasure for the rest of his days!
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The Cat Lady

From award-winning and NY Times best-selling author Michael Garland, The Cat Lady is a cautionary tale. Glendor Weezor led a quiet life until she traded one obsession for another. When one cute little kitty appeared on her back porch, she thought she had found the love she needed. Then one more cat arrived, then one more and one more. Glendor learned too late that too much is never enough. 

Searching for Darkness

In this dystopian novel written by Leah Ward, the world has nearly been destroyed by dark magic. Fifteen year old Edwin doesn't remember much about the past, including who his parents really were or how they died. Now he has discovered that he is a Seer, a person who can see things or places that do not exist to the normal eye. He has also learned that the dark magician, Nefarious, is in search of a book called Darkness - that only Seer's can find. If he locates the spell book, he could destroy the Earth as it remains. But the question is, can Edwin find it first and rid it's existence?


This adventure novel is action-packed, deathly suspenseful, and continues with Edwin's journey as he learns more about his gift, and his past life.

The Marvelous Worlds of
Mark Mariano
By Mark Mariano with Guest Chris Mariano
Flabbergast: Science Friction is the Moonbeam Award winning graphic novel that follows the adventures of a Kung-Fu Science Adventure Team as they battle zombies and robots, travel to another dimension for training, and save the land from the threat of evil. Fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fantastic Four, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and Naruto have a hard time putting this thrill filled book down.
Tickle, and Meatsauce search for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. They end up finding a colorless world that needs their help! The Happyloo book series is a visual vacation to a colorful land filled with adventures in friendship and discovery! Each graphic novel / picture book story is followed by Happyloo@Home, a section that helps readers learn fun facts and create cool crafts. It's all about inspiring imagination and creativity in the young readers. For ages 4 and up!
A picture is worth a thousand words, but when you add the Harebrains, it's worth far less. Huckle and Merv are two dumb bunnies in blue briefs that invade photographs and works of art. All their idiotic escapades are collected in this book by the award winning cartoonist, Mark Mariano.
The Otherside of Hugless Hill
The Monsters that live in Hugless Hill are mean and nasty. All of them, except for two. The Other Side of Hugless Hill is the tale of two monsters looking for friendship in an unfriendly place. It's tough making friends when you don't fit in. Mella and Greenbo learn the greatest friendships blossom when you remain true to yourself.  It's a fun read for ages 4 and up!

Three Little Pigs in a Blanket
By Neil King
A story of three best friends who are stuck together in a brick house because they're afraid that a scary wolf is outside ready to eat them. Or is there? The friends are Randy, who designs whimsical skyscrapers; Mario, who daydreams about traveling to exotic places; and Joe, who yearns to be a great chef. Each of their unique personalities helps them cope with life's adversities, yet their friendship and their outlooks on life are put to the test by the situation they find themselves in. The book is a two-color 58 page yarn about who we are and who we can be.
Golden Bell Comics
By Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen, Robert Gross and Various Contributors
Not only does Golden Bell house The Sunday Comics, but the founders of Golden Bell are also full time creatives. While all three are concept developers, Marc & Rob are writers, and Rachel is an artist and animator. We've crafted dozens of stories, created worlds, lovable characters, and concepts that everyone will fall in love with! 
To check out the previews for each of our original stories come get a copy of The Sunday Comics today!

The Majestic Age
Created by: Marc Goldner, Michael Sacal, Robert Gross, Rachel Korsen, Adam Ferenz, Steven Harris, Robert MacDonald, and Aaron Thall
Majestic is a shared fantasy/science fiction universe composed of seven continuing series that tell a greatly-ambitious, yet consistent saga through the course of a six year period. Separately, each series tells a unique story with a beginning, middle, and end, while, together, they all paint a larger picture. This makes Majestic an endeavor unlike any ever attempted before by a comic book publisher.
Licensed Properties
We will have artists from around the world creating original Garfield comics. This is the first time you will see officially approved Garfield comics from dozens of creators in print! We've also started the very first official comic strip for Yooka-Laylee created by Playtonic Games, creators of Banjo-Kazooie! Stay tuned for more announcements as we continue to license properties and expand toward new horizons.
The Adventures of Jam and Jelly™
By Linda & Amber Icenhour
A children's adventure book about two best friends, Jam and Jelly, whom love to play Hide and Seek in the mysterious forest. Whilst playing their game, they get a bit sidetracked to help out a new friend! Will the two ever get back to their fun and games?


Guinea Pig Around the World

A bedtime story for world travelers, Guinea Pig Around the World features gorgeous illustrations of a guinea pig dreaming about seeing all the wonders of the world.

Wizard Pickles

Wizard Pickles is a new kind of brain-bending puzzle adventure book for all ages. Prepare to solve a magical mystery! Aunt Wilma’s lost her magic wand, and now it’s up to YOU to help young Mazie Pickles track it down, before the pesky critters cause any more mischief. On your quest, you’ll travel through a mysterious forest, visit a castle, escape a dungeon, and even ride a dragon. Yes, you’ll get into all kinds of crazy pickles as you explore every inch of this richly-detailed, comic fantasy world.


A wonderful, original adventure from the Polar Press catalogue, read as the Merbabies dream and wonder what lies below in the deep.

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