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Golden Bell Studios


Golden Bell Studios, the first of its kind, is opening it's virtual doors to animators and artists alike. We are working to create one of the first virtual animated studios in the United States. We will be partnering with creators from around the world to bring you animated content in all different genres and styles. We have an open door policy. If you feel that you have a series fit for animation, come on in and pitch it to us! If you know your creations need to be surrounded by likeminded individuals to help bring it to life, send us an email! If you don't have a series but want to work on animated projects in any capacity, come in for an interview! We want to hear from everyone and see your creations! Our In-House Animation will always fall under Golden Bell Studios while our partners or licensed works will be housed under our Timeless Studios division. For now, you can see a preview of what we'll be offering over the course of the next several years right below!

What Golden Bell Studios Is Looking For:


1. Animation Pitches

2. Pitch Bibles

3. Comic Series

4. Animators

5. Concept Artists

6. Character Designers

7. Storyboard Artists


If you feel you fall into any of these five categories send us your resume and portfolio and we'll be glad to set up an interview.


The best way to contact us is at



The Valiard Mansion ™


The Valiard Mansion is Golden Bell Studios' first foray into 2D Animation. The team behind Golden Bell is producing, directing, and animating this project that has been with us nearly since the beginning. Together with Ezelle Van Der Heever, Creator Extrodinariate, everyone is working night and day while giving their tireless effort to bring back a form of 2D Hand Drawn Animation once thought to be lost. This Animated project will debut along the novel of the same name in 2017. Please follow along on Facebook or Instagram for updates on the progress of the Novel and it's accompanied animation! You can sign up for email updates below to get exclusive behind the scenes!


In a world beneath our own, set during the height of the Gold Rush, three hitchiking insect friends, a bee, a ladybug and a caterpillar travel cross country on a journey seeking fame, fortune and family. 


Insectales will Debut in The Sunday Comics.


Insectales is also being developed into a tabletop board game for all to enjoy!


Created by:

Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen & Robert Gross


© 2015 Golden Bell Entertainment, LLC 

The Bizarre World of a Daydreamer™


Golden Bell explores one girl's trip into her imagination, or is it something else entirely? This is a rough mock-up animation of a short that will lead into an animated series. There is still a lot work to be done to perfect this piece!

These series of shorts will be debuting in one of our more feature releases and will be ramped up past this rough animatic from the early days predating Golden Bell!

After The Rain™


In a forest deep in the jungle, two flowers come to life. Rain showers give just enough water for our flowers to dance, except one is under a rocky leafy shade. While he whithers away, his friend watches, but will he be left alone? This is another rough mock-up animation for several pitches we are creating here at Golden Bell.

This little short will be debuting in one of our more feature releases and will be ramped up past this rough animatic from the early days predating Golden Bell!

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