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Timeless Studios™


The birth of Timeless Studios predates even Golden Bell. In the early days of our entertainment company, we were defining how we would differentiate our more mature content from art that was geared towards a younger more adolescence audience. What came from these discussions was the formation of Timeless Studios and Golden Bell Entertainment. While Golden Bell will always be our company moniker, we strive upon bringing content that is truly for everyone. Whether you are looking for something a bit more kid friendly, a funny comedic science fiction cartoon, or a short toon that you can relate to, Timeless Studios will bring you that content. While Golden Bell has divisions that house everything from comics, cartoons, and children's books, we still have a desire to tell stories that may not only be for adults. We aim to have Timeless Studios bring you everything from comic books, animated series, television series, and ideally one day feature films!

One of Timeless Studios' first Programming Blocks will be Saturday Morning Cartoons and it will Debut in the latter half of 2017!

Saturday Morning Cartoons™


Golden Bell's founders were inspired by all forms of animation. Everything from 2D Animation, Stop Motion, Claymation, and 3D has been influential in the creation of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Our animated division pays homage to the cartoons of yesteryear and it's creations have been influenced from everything from classic stories from the early days of silhoutte and "trick" animation to modern 2D Hand Drawn and 3D animation and experimental art forms. Blending the Western style of cartoons with Eastern style animation, we beleive fuses the best of both worlds. Creating original stories and bringing a new spin on classics will leave everyone with something to keep coming back for. Cartoons will never be looked at the same way again, that we promise!
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