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Three Little Pigs in a Blanket
By Neil King
A story of three best friends who are stuck together in a brick house because they're afraid that a scary wolf is outside ready to eat them. Or is there? The friends are Randy, who designs whimsical skyscrapers; Mario, who daydreams about traveling to exotic places; and Joe, who yearns to be a great chef. Each of their unique personalities helps them cope with life's adversities, yet their friendship and their outlooks on life are put to the test by the situation they find themselves in. The book is a two-color 58 page yarn about who we are and who we can be.
Monster in the Box
By Neil King
Are you afraid of the dark? Players must create three monster pieces and use the monster dice to get their nightmares in the magic box. It’s far from an easy task, because players must navigate the treacherous maze. Be the first to get all three monsters trapped and proudly say, “monsters in the box!”
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