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The Majestic Age
Created by: Marc Goldner, Michael Sacal, Robert Gross, Rachel Korsen, Adam Ferenz, Steven Harris, Robert MacDonald, and Aaron Thall
Majestic is a shared fantasy/science fiction universe composed of seven continuing series that tell a greatly-ambitious, yet consistent saga through the course of a six year period. Separately, each series tells a unique story with a beginning, middle, and end, while, together, they all paint a larger picture. This makes Majestic an endeavor unlike any ever attempted before by a comic book publisher.

A troubled girl is forced to transfer to a boarding school after her parents see no other option when faced with a drastic career change. Upon arriving at her new home, the girl immediately experiences events resembling the paranormal and uncanny. Is the boarding school haunted or is our protagonist just acting out again?


Created by Marc Goldner, Rob Gross & Rachel Korsen

Written by Marc Goldner & Rob Gross
Art by: David Cole 


All Rights Reserved © 2015 by Golden Bell ™



A remote village untouched by modern civilization struggles to survive. The United Nations sends one of their best emissaries to begin to acclimate indigenous people to modern times. While attempting to bridge the gap between modernity and the past, our protagonist becomes conflicted when he connects with the villagers and comes to understand their simplified way of life.


Created by Marc Goldner, Rob Gross & Rachel Korsen

Written by Marc Goldner & Rob Gross

Creative Consulting by Rachel Korsen 

Art by: Gerta Operaku


All Rights Reserved © 2015 by Golden Bell ™


Written By: Ari Rubin

Art By: Lou Manna

Colors by: Rachel Korsen

The life of The Nightstalker--a hard-boiled, lone wolf, vigilante--is about to get more dangerous as a serial killer who murders those who commit good deeds and a brilliant, but enigmatic NYPD detective take interest in his work. 

All Rights Reserved © 2016 by Golden Bell ™

They Came From The Sky


An alien armada invades a primitive, distant world. After years of fighting, the small rebellion must learn to adapt if they're ever to reclaim their home world. Our hero runs in the face of danger, sensing defeat he warns his people about the inevitable destruction of their planet. With psychedelic art by Dave Proch, They Came from the Sky is a modern space opera written by the team at Golden Bell.


Created by Dave Proch, Marc Goldner, Rob Gross & Rachel Korsen

Written by Marc Goldner & Rob Gross

Creative Consulting by Rachel Korsen
Art by: Dave Proch

All Rights Reserved © 2015 by Golden Bell ™

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