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Golden Bell presents their branded line of stuffed animals, STUFFIMALS™. Bringing a fresh new take on what everyone has grown up to, we realized stuffed animals are more than just emotionless dolls with no feelings. Every stuffed animal says something about who we all are as people. With Fatterpillars, you'll be able to choose your favorite one based on your own personal mindset and outlook on life. While on the otherhand, Stuffables allows you to grow with your stuffed animal, it gives you the power to create your very own loved one. With every new addition to the family, it will be you who decides how soft, cuddly and squishy this new family member is.



The world of Fatterpillars is a small one, but the inhabitants have big dreams and don't let their size get in the way of them. Jeff and his friends set out for adventures and self discoveries, learning to never stop believing in their dreams inspiring others so that you, too, can go out and Do the Thing! Check out the wonderful world of Stuffimal's Fatterpillars and sign up below for some updates!



Cute and cuddly, the Marshfellows live in a Marshmallowy world that's on the verge of being S'MORED by the chocolate and graham cracker countries. After years of separation between the other delicious kingdoms, the Marshfellow Prince embarks on an epic quest with an arrogant Chocolate Unicorn and a double-sided Graham Cracker Bear to bring order back to his once peaceful and cuddly kingdom. On their journey they'll deal with MarshVampires, Frankenfellow monstrosities, and of course try to stop the onslaught of the invading Zombie Marshfellow horde. The Zombiefellows are way too toasted and our Prince must find his father, who has been absent for a long time looking for the old magical fires and the mysterious Stick of Roasting to stop the dark, evil force that none of the homeless wizards know enough about. Every step of the way the Prince and his friends will have to deal with the fact that they're merely soft, delicate dessert food, no older than adolescents, living in an increasingly terrifying world of epic candy propositions. Like their quest to fend off monsters, our kids will combat the REAL fears of growing up and the challenges of managing new friendships.

Lil Bunny Sue Roux


Lil Bunny Sue Roux or Roux on Two for short is someone you've probably seen around the interwebs. Roux is a cat bunny kangaroo with a bit of the jurassic in her in the form of a T. Rex! She was born in New Orleans without her front legs but still lives her life to the fullest! Roux is an inspiration to all different kinds of people and has shown each and every one of us what you can do no matter what. We're proud to be working with this adorable little cat on bringing a piece of her to everyone in the form of Stuffed Animals, Books, and so much more! So sign up and stay tuned for some updates or click one of the social media links to follow Roux's adventures!

You can follow Roux on Instagram @lilbunnysueroux or on Faceboook!


A wonderful, original adventure from the Polar Press catalogue, read as the Merbabies dream and wonder what lies below in the deep.



Have you ever wanted to stuff your own stuffie? We've all wanted to stuff an animal at one point or another! With that thought we decided to create a DIY Stuffed Animal kit with the cutest squishies you can possibly imagine! You'll get to breathe life into something that you'll cherish for years on end. Stay tuned for the launch of Stuffables!

The Kindness Bug


The Kindness Bug Caterpillar/Butterfly Plush set is the newest product introduced to the Kindness Bug line. The Reversible Plush is 2 toys in 1. On one side its Marcus the Caterpillar, unzip it and turn it inside out and its Marcus the Monarch. The set will also consist of a Children’s Book, written from the Kindness Bug Song “I wanna make a difference spreading kindness”, along with a Music CD. Kids can either read the story or sing the song.

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