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Ace Spotlight™


The birth of Ace Spotlight predates even Golden Bell. In the early days of our entertainment company, we were defining how we would differentiate our all ages content from art that was geared towards an older more mature audience. What came from these discussions was the formation of Ace Spotlight and Golden Bell Entertainment. While Golden Bell will always be our company moniker, we strive upon bringing content that is truly for everyone. Whether you are looking for something a bit more nitty gritty, a complex mysterious science fiction show, or a drama that you can relate to, Ace Spotlight will bring you that content. While Golden Bell has divisions that house everything from comics, cartoons, and children's books, we still have a desire to tell stories that may not only be for children. We aim to have Ace Spotlight bring you everything from comic books, animated series, television series, and ideally one day feature films!

Drowning House™ by Golden Bell's Ace Spotlight
Directed by Marc J. Goldner & Zacharey J. Owens
Written by Zacharey J. Owens

Drowning House dives deep into oceans of addiction, betrayal, chaos, death, existence, fate, and God. Life, lies, loss and love become one for the Dilitzes, in this post-9/11 portrait of the American nuclear family set to self-destruct. Can the American Dream survive?

Nightmares brew and boil over in the wake of a shattered family's failed American Dream. Peter must atone for a little girl's death. His wife Winona learns the limits of escape. Meanwhile, their two sons, Trevor and Brady, battle for the same girl's affections, as she wrestles demons of her own. Beset by denial, deception, and doom, for the Dilitzes, love is war and no hands are clean. But who will win? Who will lose? Who will live? And who, perhaps, is meant to die?

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