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Golden Bell Comics™


Not only does Golden Bell house The Sunday Comics, but the founders of Golden Bell are also full time creatives. While all three are concept developers, Marc & Rob are writers, and Rachel is an artist and animator. We've crafted dozens of stories, created worlds, lovable characters, and concepts that everyone will fall in love with! To check out the previews for each of our original stories come get a copy of The Sunday Comics today!

Have a comic you would like to submit to Golden Bell to review? Read our submissions guidelines by clicking HERE and we'll get back to you soon!


In a world beneath our own, set during the height of the Gold Rush, three hitchiking insect friends, a bee, a ladybug and a caterpillar travel cross country on a journey seeking fame, fortune and family. 


Come check out our first Buggy Adventure debuting in The Sunday Comics!


Stay tuned for more updates of the aniamted series, comic book, and board game of Insectales Created by: Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen, and Robert Gross


All Rights Reserved © 2015 Golden Bell™


The Loop™

A myseterious travaler seems to be stuck in a time loop that he can't get out of. Adventuring through different ages and time periods, he runs searching for his way back to his home in the sky.


Created & Written by Marc Goldner

Creative Consulting by Rob Gross
Art by: Francois Gomes

Colors by: Rachel Korsen

All Rights Reserved © 2015 by Golden Bell ™


Goliaths is an science fiction action-adventure that follows a young boy and his robot navigating a destroyed Earth following the mysterious arrival of giant beings called GOLIATHS. The remaining human and robot populations have banded together to hide away from the Goliaths underground, but when the boy's underground home collates he is left to navigate the above world on his own, searching for more human or robot survivors in the wasteland. In the game, you play as the boy collecting various parts and other robots to add to your party in the hopes that you will soon be prepared to take down a Goliath on your own. Goliaths is an emotional journey with strong core single-player gameplay published and developed in house by Golden Bell Entertainment.

Created & Written by Marc Goldner, Robert Gross, and Rachel Korsen

Art by: Boris Bakliza

All Rights Reserved © 2015 by Golden Bell ™

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