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Ultra School
By Erik Craddock & Ashley Quigg

The friends of today, the school of tomorrow, and the adventure of a lifetime!


Welcome to Ultra School - a secret utopian city-school society that's buried deep within the frozen heart of Antarctica. For over a hundred years, this clandestine institute has been populated exclusively by the smartest students alive on planet Earth. That is until Brian Petty, a fourteen-year-old nobody from the middle of nowhere gets a perfect score on a test that's been deemed impossible to pass, and does so in record time.


Now declared a Super Genius, and the smartest student in the history of the known world (despite being of only average intelligence), Brian must now uphold this charade, or face being expelled, as well as having his mind permanently erased. Nevertheless, Brian is not without aid. By his side are the two best friends he's never had but always wanted - Ralph Manning and Jeeves Freemont. As well as Sputnik, the electronic wonder dog. A techno-pet Yorkie who can not only talk, write, and be heat-resistant up to eight thousand degrees, but also has political aspirations of one day becoming the future Mayor of Alaska. And finally, there's Claire Anderson - the girl of Brian's dreams, who also happens to be clairvoyant.


With the help of his friends, Brian is able to stay one step ahead of the game, and continue to keep up appearances as the school's greatest pupil. However, as Brian and his friends soon discover, genius is not without envy.


Nester Bellosi, a Machiavellian mastermind who feels that Brian has denied him the right of being hailed a Super Genius, quickly works to dethrone him. Alongside Nester are two equally embittered students, Shinji Nakamura and Ruby Diamond, both of whom will do whatever it takes to remove Brian and his friends from the equation. Even if it means removing them permanently.


An island city, hidden beneath an artificial sky, seated in the coldest region of the world sets the stage of a heated battle of wits, will, cunning, and guile. Friendships will be tested, hearts will be broken, rivalries will be forged, passions will flare, and the ghosts of past misdeeds will become resurrected. In this, will Brian and his friends be able to continue the charade?


Or will their luck finally run out?

Corporately Mandated Space Adventure
By Erik Craddock & Logan Ganshirt

The adventure starts with YOU!


Take control of a nameless corporate cog that’s spinning wildly inside of the universe’s largest (and only remaining) corporate entity, the Joshua Corp Intergalactic Business Agenda! Hurtle through the cosmos onboard your company-appointed Star Explorer, as you battle the rising tide of quarterly expectations, upper management demands, weekday benchmarks, and monthly earnings reports, all while maintaining constant and consistent customer satisfaction!


Prepare to accrue debt, take death-defying showers, eat bacterial waste, and even be marooned on a strange and desolate alien world for the sake of compound interest rates! The thrills never end when the adventure’s this grand, in what Planet OGLE-TR-56b’s The Otherworldly Times calls, “A depressingly accurate portrayal of most jobs these days!” You’ll absolutely agree, especially since you’re contractually-obligated to comply and concur! So put on a smile and get ready to work, because your Corporately Mandated Space Adventure awaits!

You may be asking yourself now who exactly is this Erik Craddock?​


Erik Craddock is an award-winning, best-selling Author/Illustrator, and the creator of such series as Stone Rabbit (Random House), and the upcoming trilogy series Ultra School (Polar Press/Golden Bell). Born in the early eighties, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from New York's School of Visual Arts in 2003, Erik has spent the last 15 years working in both the animation and publishing fields. An ardent writer, storyteller, and visual artist, he dedicates his days to creating new books and works that both enchant and entertain his fan base, which currently spans all across the globe.


Currently, Erik is the Flagship Author and Featured Creator of Polar Press and Golden Bell Entertainment, and over the course of the next five years, plans to release at least 15 books through the company. He now lives in Upstate New York, somewhere within the Catskill Mountain Region.


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