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Golden Bell Games™


Golden Bell is proud to have a line of Card Games, Board Games, Toys, and Video Games. We will be focusing on games that tie into our stories ranging from  Polar Press to even Stuffimals! There are a lot of fun new ways to game coming your way soon!

Our first foray into gaming begins with something that we hold near and dear, a property that isn't only close to our hearts but something that we feel is for everyone! There are some things that we all love, and that one thing we can all enjoy together is Movies!

Movie Buff

Movie Buff ® is for all those folks who love spouting movie lines and film facts! This is the place to show off all those big screen skills. Do you have what it takes to prove you are the master of movies? The game will have you and your friends saying; Finally, a place for all that useless knowledge!®

Sports Buff

Sports lovers unite! Sports Buff is a new trivia game to celebrate our heroes and favorite players from off season to the final score. This is the arena to prove you’re the MVP! Do you have what it takes to bring home the trophy?

TV Buff

Hey out there in TV Land! TV Buff celebrates your intricate knowledge of every TV show ever made! From serials to sitcoms and beyond, this is the place you show off those sweet remote skills. Are you ready for syndication?

Stone Rabbit:

Duel Your Worst

Best-selling and award-winning author and illustrator Erik Craddock is back with the next chapter in the Stone Rabbit cartoon saga published by Polar Press. Duel Your Worst is an original action card game for the whole family! The sole purpose of the game is to completely and totally annihilate all close friends, family members, and/or professional allies. While the game rewards aggressive and fast gameplay, it also requires forward thinking and risk assessment, using only the cards you have been dealt. So choose your battles (and enemies) wisely and prepare to Duel Your Worst!

Mr. Game!

Mr. Game!™ begins like any other board game until cards with bad ideas come into play. These cards change the game in unpredictable ways. Bend the game to your advantage or mess with other players! Whether you win by accident or you lose on purpose, Mr. Game!™ flips regular board games upside-down!

Pretending to Grownup

Are you technically a grownup but don’t feel like it? Pretending to Grownup is a casual card game with over 100 unique cards featuring common grownup situations. You’ll be facing these problems and using your time, money and energy scores to win “Grownup Points”. But some cards feature a silly creature called a “Unipegasaurus”, which lets you bend the rules with the power of your imagination! Whoever said being a grownup was difficult never pretended this hard. So it’s okay you aren’t exactly a grownup, your secret’s safe with us!

Keys To The Capitals

Can you name all 50 state capitals? With Keys to the Capitals, unlock the ability to master the state capitals and state flags in one fun board game for the whole family! Fly around in your custom airplane, collecting the most key cards to win. Building your knowledge has never been more fun.


Ken and Ivy get lost on a school visit and accidentally discover an ancient temple where new generations of Vejigantes have hidden. While trying to defend themselves, Ivy finds the ancestral stones and befriends the Vejigantes. Now, Ken and Ivy are the Vejigantes’ new protectors, tasked with protecting the stones. 

Super Red-Hot Hero

Travel through Red-Hot Energy at the speed of light; punching, shooting, and teleporting through an explosive army in your path! Super Red-Hot Hero is a frenzied action-platformer game inspired by classic video games. Don’t just get hot, get Super Red-Hot!!

Turtles Riding Airships

From the team behind Pretending to Grownup, comes a turtely epic board game! Play as a turtle piloting your very own airship as you cross the picturesque board from above, navigating the winding air streams. Obtain the most bushels of lettuce and win, but if you drop any food stuffs a neighboring turtle pilot may snatch it right up! Be the turtle, ride the airship, get the lettuce!


A wonderful, original adventure from the Polar Press catalogue, read as the Merbabies dream and wonder what lies below in the deep. 


In a world beneath our own, set during the height of the Gold Rush, three hitchhiking insect friends, a bee, a ladybug and a caterpillar travel cross country on a journey seeking fame, fortune and family. 

Explore the 1964 New York World’s Fair and collect the most Pavilion Pieces. Game-changing Fair Fun cards will help or hinder your quest of finding Claire’s lost Benny Bear. Once all the Pavilion Pieces have been removed from the board, the envelope is opened revealing Benny’s location. The player with that corresponding Pavilion Piece wins. Inspired from the book by Mark Mariano, Claire Lost Her Bear
At The World's Fair which will be published by Polar Press. Join us in celebrating the place for grand ideas and help Claire find her best friend!

Claire Lost Her Bear At The World's Fair

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule

Designed by David Luis Sanhueza and illustrated by Mike Maihack, Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! is a card game of rhyme and reason for kids of all ages. For a long, long time, goblins and fairies have lived in a magical world right beneath our noses. Today, a gang of mischievous goblins escaped from the fairy ring, and it is up to you
to send them back before they cause trouble! But an ancient spell of rhymes threatens to transform goblins into fairies and fairies into goblins. This beautifully illustrated game will put your rhyming and problem solving skills to the test. Experience something magical!

Wizard Pickles

Wizard Pickles is a new kind of brain-bending puzzle adventure book for all ages. Prepare to solve a magical mystery! Aunt Wilma’s lost her magic wand, and now it’s up to YOU to help young Mazie Pickles track it down, before the pesky critters cause any more mischief. On your quest, you’ll travel through a mysterious forest, visit a castle, escape a dungeon, and even ride a dragon. Yes, you’ll get into all kinds of crazy pickles as you explore every inch of this richly- detailed, comic fantasy world. 


Coming soon from outer space, a new kind of office comedy brought to you by Erik Craddock, Logan Ganshirt, and the folks at Polar Press, Corporately Mandated Space Adventure! CMSA: The Game puts players in the control of a nameless corporate cog spinning wildly inside of the universe’s largest and only corporate entity. Land yourself in crippling debt, take death-defying showers, eat bacterial waste, or even end up marooned on a strange and desolate alien world for the sake of compound interest rates! Anything’s possible in this 1 to 4 player chaotic space romp!

Magicka Mayhem

The officially licensed card game based off Magicka, the successful action-adventure video game is here! In Mayhem you combine Elements to craft Spells from ‘recipes’ found on Spell Cards. Combine Elements to cast Spells. Destroy foes. Humiliate friends. Cry with laughter. Rinse, repeat!

Venture Party

Venture Party is a fun and simple, three to seven player, hand management game. Fantasy themes and RPG tropes are turned on their heads in this game full of clumsy and unfortunate heroes. The land is ripe with opportunity, and only one Venture Party will come out on top. Will it be yours?

You Are The Maniac!

The Horror Movie Card Game where you and your friends play as serial killers in this campy, social slasher send-up to enjoy with your twisted friends. With equal mix strategy and dark humor, slash your way through a horror film trilogy. Whoever has the most points in their collection wins. Don’t be afraid, because YOU are the Maniac!

Raiding Parties

Designed by Nick Pace with all artwork created exclusively by Don Maitz, of Captain Morgan Rum fame. Raiding Parties is a board game that takes place in the Golden Age of piracy. Grab your cutlass and build your deck to completely defeat your enemy in this thematic game of war. Avast ye lads and raid the shores for gold!


A cooperative card game for dreamers everywhere, you and up to three friends must defend the Nightlight from terrible creatures trying to snuff it out. Arm yourself with a unique deck of skill cards and the weapons salvaged from the toy chest to fight back the creepy-crawlies threatening the shared dream. Survive three rounds, and you win! Unite, fight, and save the night!

Cards Versus Humanity

Oh, for humanity's sake! At last, a card game for really nice people has arrived to teach those meanies a lesson! We are lifted up when we lift up others, and the only way to keep others down is to kill them with kindness! Show off your generosity, consideration, and love for your fellow man in a race to ultimate compassion! Who needs to be inhumane? Life’s much better ignoring everything and being politically correct! Exactly like all the party games you've played before! Being nice has finally paid off!

Jody Eklund's Collection

Artist Jody Eklund presents his elegant original playing card creations.

- Inception features the men and women whose ideas, theories, and inventions were ahead of their time.

- The Golden Spike card series is inspired by the building of the 1st Transcontinental Railroad.

- Innovation shows completely custom illustrated decks of the men and women who changed the world.

- Devastation depicts the men who invented weapons of destruction and the women who rescued the victims.

- Titans feature the Capitalists who acquired wealth by ruthless means and the women who fought for their rights. 

Deal: American Dream

Deal: American Dream is a narco-strategic board game for 3 to 6 players. You play as the leader of a criminal organization running an expansive business, and you must suppress all threats and hide your scheme for as long as possible. The player with the most respect earned wins! Are you ready to deal?

Napoleon 1806



Warage, the ultimate turn-based strategy card game, mixes a role-playing foundation with deck building tactics for endless adventures. Create your hero from one of the many available class and race cards, and survive in a world once afflicted by ancient wars between combating races in this fantasy epic. Obtain the most powerful equipment produced by now-gone civilizations: handcrafted swords and shields, magic scrolls, or even hi-tech weapons. Grab your chainsaw, defend yourself, and vanquish your opponents. Are you ready to fight?

The war of the gods has begun... Summon the myths of the ancient Egyptians, Celtics, Greeks, Norse, Japanese, and Native Americans in this epic thematic strategy card game! In Immortal players build their deck and connect modular boards together to control the most ancient gods, heroes, and monsters. Duel your friends one-on-one or engage in a mythological free-for-all! Each pantheon of character cards offers unique abilities and strategies to be mastered. Enter a world where ancient mythologies clash, capture, and conquer. Capture your opponents’ forces, turn their powers against them, and forge your own legend. Emerge victorious to wield the power of the gods! Become Immortal!

In a strategic board game for two players, re-enact the 1806 Prussian campaign. When gaming meets history here, the creative team, inspired to be as historically accurate as possible, catalogs the 1806 battles between Frederick William of Prussia and Napoleon’s Grand Army. At the crossroads of history and simulation, Napoleon 1806 sees strategists relive these clashes, culminating in the battles of Auerstaedt and Jena. Strategy, anticipation and decision are the engines of the Napoleon 1806 game system. Will you meet the challenge of doing as well as the Emperor Napoleon or will you succeed in thwarting his plans at the head of the Prussian forces? Rewrite history today!


A wholly unique strategy board game for 2-6 players. Lead your viruses and battle your opponent’s cells. Avoid the miracle cures, make the right moves to infect cells, take risks and dominate the game. Every board is magnetized, so that each metal virus ball fits into the cell perfectly. Don’t just get your friends sick, infect them!

The 10th Floor

In the 10th Floor, players are flung into a recent murder and must solve the identity of the culprit before they strike again! One role is dealt randomly to each player at the beginning of the game. The Detective and Innocent are tasked with deducing one another, to apprehend the Murderer before it’s too late. All the while, the Murderer and Accomplice try to mislead the group so they have time to weed out the Detective, either ending the manhunt or planning a getaway. Will time run out? Can you save the day?

El Presidente

In El Presidente players are members of a dictatorship in a tropical paradise, trying to exploit its people and raw resources to gain the most wealth. To attain the most riches and achieve victory, players must work with and against their neighbors to climb the political ladder OR revolt to put another candidate in office. Viva la revolución!

The Daring and The Doomed

Like video games? Like gold coins? Wanna fight some monsters? The Daring & The Doomed features kingdom-building, monster-fighting, food-vending, gold-stealing PIXEL fun for everyone! Join the fun, save the kingdom, and survive the doom.

The Castle-Crashing Card Game of Medieval Mayhem requires skill, luck, and strategy. Fast-paced, easy to learn, and endlessly fun to play. Siege is your new favorite family friendly game! Protect your wall, attack your enemy, populate your castle with familiar (not to mention mysterious) faces and pray the dice roll goes your way. You’ll all be on the edge of your collective seats until the final wall falls. Let the Siege begin!


Make Me A God

Make Me A God is an epic dice battle tabletop card game centered around Greek Mythology. When a player’s character successfully gains all six temple powers without being killed, that character becomes a God and the player wins the game. Battle your way to immortality!


STONED is a stone snatching card game where the players pretend to be cave people and try to collect more Stones than any of the other players. On each turn a player can do one of the following: draw one card, take a stone, play a card from their hand, or throw a stone from their pile. Simple but a lot of fun. Like stone? Take stone!

The Krilling Field

Deep in the ocean, but not too deep, the kingdom of Blubbula is under attack! Luckily, King Blubbulous has issued a decree calling all heroic whales to explore the deep and find all the pearls. First whale to collect three outposts wins the game! So sally forth, brave whales and become the most blubbery hero!

Bakin' With Bacon

Bacon-themed deck of playing cards and a “Bakin’ with Bacon” card game created by Baconery. It’s clear to everyone, even this adorable pig, that life is just better with bacon. Let's get extra crispy!


Build robots! Upgrade them! Then send them off to attack your friends in an easy to learn card game of skill and luck! It seems like an easy task, but robots aren’t as obedient as you might think. Sure, they might attack the enemy on your command. Or they might attack you, or deactivate, or switch sides and start fighting FOR your enemy. Remember... robots aren’t perfect.

Game Over

Video game genres collide as player’s battle to the death. Game Over: Remix is a lightning quick card game chock full of classic gaming nods. Random chance mixed with thought provoking strategy, just like many classic video games. With three ways to win, play over and over until it’s Game Over!

A delicious and adorable sushi take on the traditional matching card game of Hanafuda. Hanafuda roughly translates to “Flower Cards” and features elegantly illustrated plants and flowers, but Sushifuda will feature cutely-designed, anthropomorphic SUSHI! So deal out the cards and enjoy the meal!


Bob A-Long

Combine a zany, charades-style card game with a wild ad-lib adventure story you perform ensuring hours of family fun! Wanna wrestle an alligator while singing the national anthem (kinda)? Players act out what’s written on wild, illustrated cards trying to get others to guess what they’re doing. The goal is to get your card chosen and performed in nutty, ridiculous stories.

Nina and Pinta

New World exploration meets quantum physics! A board game for 1-4 players, discover and send your Captains and Settlers to explore not one but three New Worlds. Throw in some quantum mechanics and parallel universes and your quest for gold just became a lot crazier to manage. What will you discover?

Promised Land

A history of the Promised Land from Joshua through to the Babylonian captivity. Smite the enemy and develop Farming, Trade, and Culture. An area control game with a variety of strategies are available, all players must make difficult choices throughout the game in order to emerge victorious. One thing is certain, victory is never promised.

Backpacks and Blisters

A classic board game for the whole family. Enjoy the glories of the English Lake District (World Heritage Site nominee) in this game of friendly rivalry. The game can be played solo or with up to five other friends. Ripe with humor and plenty of rambling, take a walk on the wanderin’ side!

Card Rogue

Card Rogue is a challenging tabletop rogue-like game where 1-4 players must survive randomly generated monsters in a mysterious dungeon. Traps, enemies, loot, or fame are met around every corner. Only the strongest and smartest will make it out alive, and only one player will be pronounced the victor. Tread carefully because there’s no turning back!

Dice Drivin'

Year of the Werewolf


Inspired by the famous social experiment, Werewolf brings your friends (and enemies) closer in this social deduction party game for at least seven players. With vivid, Gothic-inspired artwork the surviving villagers must decide who among them is the werewolf, while keeping their identities a secret. A great party game full of lying, secrets, mob mentality, and, oh yeah, werewolves!

It's a tiny driving game, but a truly heart racing one. Random cards will form the track, so grab your car, custom dice, and accelerate to victory! That’s some Dice Drivin’!


Lore is a simple, strategic hand-management game centering around Fate, his Muses, and creating more Lore than your opponents. Make the right choices, while watching out for Sorcery and Curse cards. Create your own original stories as you play and come away with your own lore! Will you change your fate?

Do you appreciate a good debate? Look no further than Philosophy! A party game for argumentative people who like to ponder the mysteries of the universe then yell at each other about it. You must outwit your friends in order to win. It’s philosophy gone mad!


Summon: Egyptian Heka is a quick and easy to play strategic card game for 3-6 players. Compete to be the most powerful Summoner among your friends! Summon will win, the rest will lose! Prepare to be summoned!

Rip Rocket and the Storm Troopers of Doom

Welcome to Rip Rocket’s world.

A space faring adventurer along with his Troopers of Doom, Rip saves princesses from the clutches of inter- galactic despots.

Sans Allies

The Solitaire Game of War! Sans Alliés (French: "without allies") is a solitaire card game where you command 20th Century troops and technology, pushing through an enemy nation bent on developing a vile super-weapon. The game takes the feel of a grand-strategy, area-movement war game, and compresses it into a tight little solo package, playable in about an hour.

Monster in the Box

Are you afraid of the dark? Players must create three monster pieces and use the monster dice to get their nightmares in the magic box. It’s far from an easy task, because players must navigate the treacherous maze. Be the first to get all three monsters trapped and proudly say, “monsters in the box!”

The Amazing Escape

A game of luck and memory, featuring little-known black characters whose accomplishments go far beyond what’s found in textbooks. For ages 8 and up, it’s a family game where players match amazing individuals from the black diaspora, who escaped the expectations of their times. How many can you name?

The Wizard and The Hat

The Wizard and the Hat follows a not-so-powerful young wizard-in- training conjuring up rather bland cups of tea. When the boy hears of a magical hat hidden in the heart of a forest, the boy goes on an adventure to find the hat. Drastic changes aren’t always for the better, and sometimes you must appreciate what you already have.


The colorful board game challenges players to defeat enemies in the forest, while searching for the magical hat. Part exploration and part resource management, play the game and read the book! 

Alien Ape Attack

Far away from home, the last newborn of his kind, one mission... DESTROY everything! It's not madness, it's ALIEN APE ATTACKTM!

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