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Golden Bell Studios


Golden Bell Studios is opening it's virtual doors to animators and artists alike. We are working to create one of the first virtual animation studios in the United States. We will be partnering with creators from around the world to bring you animated content in all different genres and styles. We have an open door policy. If you feel that you have a series fit for animation, come on in and pitch it to us! If you know your creations need to be surrounded by likeminded individuals to help bring it to life, send us an email! If you don't have a series but want to work on animated projects in any capacity, come in for an interview! We want to hear from everyone and see your creations! Our first Animated Film is "The Valiard Mansion" while our cartoon lineup will be called "Saturday Morning Cartoons" and will be debuting sometime during 2017. We have lots of other opportunities for creators such as novel and comic publishing & collaboration partnerships!



What Golden Bell Studios Is Looking For:


1. Animation Pitches

2. Pitch Bibles

3. Comic Series

4. Animators

5. Concept Artists

6. Character Designers

7. Storyboard Artists

8. Writers & Editors


If you feel you fall into any of these eight categories send us your resume and portfolio and we'll be glad to set up an interview.


The best way to contact us is at



If you have a novel or comic that you think is the next BIG THING, send it in and let's start talking! Click The Polar Bear Below!

Want to be a part of History? Well, we're making the first 2D Hand Drawn Film in over a Decade! Click The Image Below!

Our first cartoon lineup will be called "Saturday Morning Cartoons" and will be debuting in 2017. 


We are always looking for additional contributors to our Anthology, The Sunday Comics!

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