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We know why you're here, and we're here to put those favorite products in your hands! Feeling a bit nostaligic? Head over to our InDemand IndieGoGo to pick up your copy of The Sunday Comics! Want to read the best children's poetry book thats come out in years? Head over to Kickstarter right away! Maybe you just want some prints of your favorite work we've done, eBay it is! Oh, it's Original Art you want? Send us a personal email!

The Sunday Comics

The Sunday Comics return to their former glory! 300+ Creators have joined The Sunday Comics to bring you an unparalleled variety of comic content that can't be seen anywhere else. Presented to you on GIANT sized 15" Inch X 22" Inch broadsheet newspaper! Get your copy while it's HOT!

A staple of every generations Sunday morning. Whether it was sharing the paper at breakfast with family, meeting up with friends to enjoy the funny pages, or looking forward to your weekly dose of comics every Sunday, everyone has a special place in their heart for The Sunday Comics!

We have taken a timeless classic and added an entirely new spin on it! A modern take on a traditional art form is what we knew would drive the ultimate success of our project. By fusing together comic strips with serialized comic books, illustrated stories and many other art forms, GOLDEN BELL has published a work of art that you won't forget!


Get your copy today on IndieGoGo!

Movie Buff: The Trivia Card Game About EVERY Movie!
  • Movie Buff is a family-friendly card game for people and parties who love movies! Finally, a Place for All That Useless Knowledge!

  • 160 Trivia & Strategy cards such as Actor, Movie, Role, Quote, Edit & Cut!

  • 30+ Minutes of game play with infinite possible rounds. 2 to 16 players!

  • Never requires an expansion pack! Never play the same game twice!

  • All levels of experience can play! Connect movies from every era!

Get your copy today and decide if You're Buff Enough!

It's an Extra Spooky Heebie-Jeebie Creepy Halloween

It’s an Extra Spooky, Heebie-Jeebie Creepy Halloween! For all lovers of fun Halloween stories, this children's book follows a brave pirate trick 'r' treating from door-to-door. When he realizes that the monsters around him are simply the result of his mind playing tricks, our pirate goes home happy with a full bag of treats. With both e-book and new second edition in print available, don't miss this exciting tale that serves as a perfect introduction to a cherished holiday.

Preorder your copy on IndieGoGo TODAY! Click this link!


The Love of a Bingle Lancer

The Love of a Bingle Lancer is a Children's Poetry Book Written by Paul Gullen and Illustrated by Rachel Korsen. This beautiful poetic story has a timeless mix of poems blended together with painted illustrations that you'll never forget. This story will keep any reader captivated for hours on end as we visit the lands ruled by King Bandini and the far off kingdom of Fettuccine.

Love conquers all for Prince Bandini: many a King is good at sitting and forbidding, and many a Prince is good at prancing and romancing, but when it comes to Spanish Fancy Dancing, there's no one like Hoochie Coochie Smoocherini. This is a story that will touch hearts of dancers, lancers, and romancers. Pick your favorite reward tier and come to a far away land!

Preorder your copy on IndieGoGo TODAY! Click this link!


Original Art

Want to Commission us for a new piece? We accept PayPal but also have a ton of stuff on our Ebay store so be sure to check that out too! Send an email to Marc@GoldenBell.TV with a personal request and he will get back to you before you can say "I Love Art!", thanks again, folks!

Jason and the Crawdad King

Jason and the Crawdad King is a bedtime story that teaches children good values, perfect for early readers. After Jason finds and helps a tangled up crawdad in a nearby river, he's whisked away into a fantastic kingdom underwater where he learns that kind deeds are always rewarded. From award winning author, Joseph Drumheller, and award winning artist, Lili Avakem, don't miss out on this touching journey that shows children and parents alike the importance of lending a helping hand!

Preorder your copy on IndieGoGo TODAY! Click this link!


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