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Mr. Game! is a modern twist on the classic family "roll and move" party game. What begins as a simple skeleton for an American board game quickly becomes a unique experience that is never the same twice! With fast "gotcha" mechanics, modular components that inspire creative play, and the innovative "Mr. Game" role, Mr. Game! is sure to be an experience unlike anything you've played before.


Before the game begins, one player is chosen to be Mr. Game. This player is still part of the game - they have a piece on the board just like everyone else - but their special ability is the power to add rules to the game. This can happen at any moment and take any form. As long as Mr. Game doesn't contradict a rule in the rulebook, the text of a game card, or their own rules, whatever they say goes! The twist is that every rule Mr. Game creates must last the rest of the game, and cannot be changed or revoked. Many first-time Mr. Games foolishly "rule" themselves into a corner, leading to their untimely downfall.


The game is easy to learn because the core rules are simple, and the advanced rules are created during the game by you and your friends! In Mr. Game!, everything is open to interpretation. Don't worry about the dice and the luck of the draw - your job is to bend Mr. Game's ear to make the rules work for you.

Mr. Game!

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