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Build robots! Upgrade them! Then send them off to attack your friends in an easy to learn card game of skill and luck!


What are robots for if not competitive combat? Take the role of a master builder and square off against fellow scientists and engineers in a battle of robo-supremacy in KILLBOTS! There's a small catch though...

Each robot has a positive and negative action. Every time a robot attacks it could deal damage, heal a fellow robot, or even steal another player's cards. But maybe something will go wrong and your robot will attack you, or switch sides, or simply explode. Robots are unpredictable - they're more of an art than a science, really. This element of chance keeps the action dynamic and unpredictable, as well as leveling the playing field a bit for new players. Players able to better manage their robots in play and anticipate these events will ultimately come out on top!


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