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Cauldron is a board game of competitive alchemy for 2 – 5 players. It’s a potent brew of the things we love most in a game – simple but highly strategic game mechanics, lots of variability, some chance, all presented  beautiful artwork. We love the folklore around potion brewing, and our passion shows in the little things that make this game so enjoyable. Please help us make it happen!


Choose to play as one of seven aspiring brewers, and battle to become the Grand Infusionist. 


Every Grand Infusionist takes a different path to victory. Will you grow your magik or spend it? Will your potions prove powerful enough? Can you slow down your enemies with a well-timed spell?


  • Simple yet deep - Cauldron is simple enough for new gamers, yet rich enough for seasoned veterans.
  • Highly interactive – Ignore your opponents at your peril. To win, you must watch them, anticipate their moves and thwart their plans.
  • Exciting and fun – We have play-tested Cauldron for more than a year to ensure that perfect balance that makes a game, above all else, fun to play every time.


If you enjoy the resource collecting mechanics of Lords of Waterdeep mixed with the wacky take-that of Munchkin - you will love Cauldron.


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